Okie Wisdom for Today: Anger

OKIE-redAnger. It’s that cancer that spreads sometimes over the smallest slight, an explosion that sends shrapnel of hateful words and actions in various directions. The coffee pot broke the morning you were running late and needed the jolt of java before a big meeting. The kids won’t listen when you want nothing more that a few minutes of quiet. The boss man wants you to work and produce more than possible. Unwanted and unexpected events unraveled your falsely held together life and now you’re angry at God for allowing it. You’re angry at other people who seem to have it all together. You’re just plain mad as a hornet!

My father is a good ol’ country boy from Oklahoma. He always has these one liners and Okie Proverbs that he says at sometimes the most annoying of times. One of my favorite sayings, though, is, “You can get glad in the same pants you got mad in.” Oh, it use to tick me off even more! I am mad and you just need to let me be mad. But now as an adult, I see wisdom in that Okie Proverb. Turn it around. Shake it off. What will your anger accomplish? What will lashing out at anyone accomplish? In your anger, do not sin. Do not allow those bombs of hate destroy your ability to praise God despite your anger. Praise will be harder. Thanking Him will seem impossible. Rise to the challenge. Turn your anger into a chance to be glad despite the broken java maker. Praise Jesus in the traffic jam. Offer glory to Him when the kids are running around like screaming banshee. Why?

1. Because you have a home in which a coffee maker resides. Try complaining to a person who has just lost his or her home. A broken coffee maker is the least of their concerns.

2. Because you have a car that will transport you to job that provides your financial needs. Try bickering to a person who doesn’t have a reliable mode of transportation and thus can’t get a stable job.

3. Because your kids can run and scream and laugh and cry. Try moaning about this to a parent whose child is not able to be a child. Or to a woman who wants nothing more than her empty home to be filled with the sounds of children.

4. Because at the end of it all, our Heavenly Father is still worthy of praise.

The Bible never said to praise God when we FELT like it. No, it says to praise Him in ALL things, through ALL things. So yes, you can get glad in the same pants you got mad in. Turn it around. Shake it off. Praise. Praise. Praise. The situation might not change, but your heart will and that is what God is looking at. Not our circumstances, but our hearts.

Please share your experiences with me on how praising God led to a better attitude or understanding of Him. Believe me, I’m preaching to myself here. 🙂


Happy Praisin’ y’all!!






2 thoughts on “Okie Wisdom for Today: Anger

  1. Oh, Brayden, I love that proverb! Gonna print it out and put it on my wall!

    As circumstances seem to go wrong, when I praise Him my heart tends to calm. I remember that I am at the bottom of the mountain. He is at the top, and can see the full view with all the hurdles and pitfalls. As He directs my path, He’s the only one who knows the best route. It’s not always easy, because we are a stubborn species and want to go our own way. But the more we carry His burden, the lighter is becomes.

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