I have been absent due to defeat
Have haunted my nights
And roamed my days.
I’m in a stalemate.
A pause.
A purgatory.
I can’t see the next step
The next breath
The next moment.
But maybe it’s a cocoon.
In which something unpleasing becomes beautiful.
God does not waste anything
No broken dream
No broken marriage
No broken person
He does not see the carcasses of these things and leaves them.
No, He binds up the broken hearted
Redeems the broken marriage
Heals the broken person.


5 thoughts on “Cocoon

  1. Lean into Him; His is the only love that fills the void. Weep to Him; He comforts the brokenhearted. Let His healing light reach out to you through others who will lift you up on words of compassion, encouragement and support. Bless you, sweet sister. ā¤

    • Ah sweet Susan, your words of encouragement are so needed. Thank you for reaching out to me. You are a dear sister! I hope you are doing well. We need to catch up sometime. šŸ™‚

  2. Based on your poem I’m so sorry for your loss. You will be stronger with this experience.

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