Winter Blues


The sleet pellets my rooftop reminding me of simple joys of not living in a first floor apartment and Ingrid Michaelson swoons over Pandora. The kiddos, quietly asleep in their beds, most likely dream of ways to antagonize one another once awake. Right now, though, is my time. The time between referring fights. The time between emptying the dryer and refilling the washing machine. The time between sweeping and vacuuming the latest mess. It’s a sacred pause between rushing one to basketball and the other to dance.

The stillness between life speeding past captured on a bitterly cold day, perhaps that is why God created winter. A pause in this abundant life to allow those things which need to end a chance to face their futures while the other portions of our lives that need to flourish find their springs. While I prefer the pinks and green hues of spring and the reds and oranges tints of summer, the winter blues offer the blessed opportunity to be still and know He is God.

So on this snowy day, I fix another cup o’ joe, settle into my writing desk and ponder out my window at the landscape that will soon bloom, savoring this reprieve, these winter blues.


11 thoughts on “Winter Blues

  1. Aahhh. A friend who also appreciates winter respite. While I don’t have kids, and rent a room, I do appreciate the stillness of the purple mountains in the distance, the looming gray clouds, the bare trees and the quiet time. Just God and me; His glorious power and breathtaking beauty; my eyes that can hardly take it all in.

    • Dearest Susan,
      This Southern Belle is having a hard time appreciating the winter, to be quite honest. 🙂 Yet our Father is getting me to slow down and observe each day through His eyes. I miss the sun warming me and the sound of waves crashing, but this winter has been fairly calm before the storm of vacations and conferences break over me, which is something He knew I needed. All these snow days off from work have allowed me time with my children and to get caught up on writing.

      How have you been? Are you getting hit hard with snow? I pray you are well.

      • Brayden, a long time ago I learned that the year contains summer and winter; best to look upon the beauty they bring. I, too, long for the warmth of summer, but the respite has been still waters for me.

        No snow, but several bouts of vertigo have come with the barometric changes. Learning to accept the rest He is providing this season. Thanks for asking, my friend.

      • You have a very good point, Susan. It’s really teaching me to be content in all things even cold weather. I’m sorry to hear you’re dealing with Vertigo. My roommate in college suffered with that and I remember how hard it was on her. I’m praying for you. 🙂

    • Thanks girl! I’m enjoying getting to know y’all and writing with you as well. I just wish I could make more of our meetings. 😦 Have a latte for me at the next one.

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  3. Hi Brayden

    God has given have such a beautiful gift as a writer. Your writing is like a sweet song filed with passion and depth that takes me to that quiet place with my Lord. i allow myself the respite from at least two months now of bronchitis to soak in your life-giving and heart-felt words.

    I am tired of winter. I have had enough of its seeming never-ending snowfalls. I long for those spirit-lifting sights and sounds of spring — children’s laughter, the chirping of a robin, green trees dancing with the wind. I crave the sights of people, their heart speaking to my heart, a sharing of prayers, songs and stories.

    I find myself asking those why questions that God rarely answers. Why lord have I been sick for so long? When will I be given the gift of health I can depend on? When will the winter of my discontent leave me? How long, oh Lord, must I suffer?

    I could say the right things that people want to hear, but that is not where my heart is today. I am sad. My patience with this long protracted illness is wearing me down, eating away at me not quickly, but slowly, painfully.

    I am thankful for more time to write, read, relax and listen to music, but those times I find are fleeting. There are doctor’s appointments, the tiring fight we are finally winning with God’s help and that of my pastor to get the home care I need.

    I find myself worn, weary and exhausted on this dull winter’s day. Lord, please make the sun pour in bursts of life into our home. it’s too dull.

    Make me well, oh God! I am sick of being sick! I want to breathe without effort, without strain. Don’t you hear me? I know you do. I love You. But Lord, I am only grass. If you cut me, I will bleed. Have I not bled enough? What more do You want from Me? Help me to understand what I must be too blind to see right now that You have everything under control.

    That is where my heart is on this winter’s day.


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