The Beauty of Winter

“I’m over it” she fumed as she picked herself up off the ice for the third time this morning. Her mocha drink sacrificed on the ground as she attempted to balance out before kissing the ground. Surveying the damage, much was lost: the coffee, obviously, her newest pair of heels now scratched and scuffed, and her vibrant colored leggings had a run in them. “What a perfect outfit completely wasted on winter.”    She brushed herself off and hobbled back into her apartment, feeling the aches and pains of her recent wintry battle. “No doubt a bruise or two will show up.”
     The blasted weather man called for more snow in the next few days. The disheveled woman looked at the t.v. screen, “I wish you would just stop calling at all!” She humped as she tore off her wrecked outfit. “Where is my spring? Where are my flower buds and warm breezes?” She sulked as she rummaged through her closet looking for the brightest colors to offset the blue in her life. Finally, she donned a majestic golden-yellow sweater and a pair of vibrant lively green pants, and attempted her descent into the world hoping this time she wouldn’t be attacked while trying to survive the longest winter of her life.
Days slowly emerged into weeks which then sped into months as the snow gave way to slush. The young woman started to see green play peek-a-boo with the winter mix, lightening her heart. Before too long her landscape went from a monochromatic color scheme to bursting forth with every hue found under the rainbow. Ah, the beauty of spring.

I’m a spring-time kind of girl. It’s not too hot nor is it too cold. It’s just right for enjoying the outdoors, but it dawned on me how much I truly cherish spring when I moved north and actually experienced winter. I grew up in the Deep South of North American where I never really had to button up or wear winter clothing. Then we moved to Virginia and snow came. While it is pretty, this winter I have decided I’m not a fan of the white stuff. It’s alright in small doses, but I’m ready to move on. However, I can’t deny the deeper meaning.
Many times in our lives we experience winteresque seasons. Our hearts are cold and lives feel barren. No matter how many ways we try to dress ourselves up, we can’t deny the bitterness in us. But just like winter doesn’t last forever in our outer environments, it doesn’t have to last in our inner environments. So bundle up, grab a good book, enjoy some hot cocoa. Appreciate the lessons found during this current season of your life. God doesn’t waste time. He has a purpose for minute of every day. And when spring does arrive, I pray that you thrive.

Happy Monday!


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