Psst…it’s a secret!


Whispering underneath the covers, giggles abound
Two little hearts sharing the mysteries of life
Two little hands clasped over a tiny ear,
“I have a secret. Wanna hear?”

Years have passed and the laughter deepened
Two little hearts have a few more dings
Two older hands clasped over a newly pierced ear,
“I have a secret. Wanna hear?”

The days are shorter and the laughter weakened
Two tested hearts wrinkled with wisdom
Two weathered hands clasped over an older ear,
“I have a secret. Wanna hear?”

Being the eldest of four children, I often had the joy of having a younger sibling tag along. I would try to share a secret with my friend and hear in the background voices whining, “Secrets don’t make friends.” But my friends, my true blue, stuck like glue friends are the only ones I tell my secrets to. That’s how I know they are my friends. I can share my innermost being with them and they’ll still love me.

God showed me the other day that He desires that kind of closeness with us. He wants us to trust Him enough that we share our deepest, darkest, and scariest secrets with Him. But it’s a relationship. He doesn’t just want us to unload on Him, but He has secrets to reveal to us. The Bible tells us in 1 Corinthians 2:6-16 that the Spirit of the Lord wants to reveal to us the wisdom of the Lord. John 14:20-22 tells us that those who the Lord loves, He will reveal Himself to them. It’s my heart’s desire to know more of the Lord. I can never know enough, because my feeble mind couldn’t handle it all. But if we draw near to Him, he will draw near to us. How amazing it would be to trust the Lord with my secrets? He knows them anyways, but it shows a step of faith to actually acknowledge them to Him.

Open yourself up today. Share a secret with the Lord. Draw near to Him and seek out a relationship with Him. He’s been seeking you out since the moment of your conception and He has loved you every minute of every day.

Happy Thursday!


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