Valuable is Vulnerable?


The other night my hubby showed me some youtube videos of a band called Pentatonix. Have you seen this group? They are amazing! The talents with these five young people amazed me. I read their bios and each one of them have done significant things in their lives leading up to being on the tv show, Sing Off, and now having a recording contract and tour schedule. To say I’m impressed is an understatement.

And while I loved listening to their warm harmonies and creative arrangements of songs, I’m prone to wonder what would happen if the music groups out there would turn their talents towards honoring God? And why are there not more young, talented Christians out there igniting a firestorm for the Lord? And a couple of things come to mind:
1. Maybe the market for God-honoring material is not as vast as the secular market. (This is an issue to be discussed later.)
2. Maybe we, as Christians, are too afraid to step out in faith with our gifts and talents. This is the issue I want to cover today.

God has each given us gifts and talents, whether they be talents that can be obvious such as singing or less noticeable like the gift of compassion, to be used to edify, encourage, and honor. Some of those gifts are so precious that it’s not on display for all to see. One of my best friends, Amy, has the gift of encouragement. That girl just seems to know when I’m down without me ever saying anything and she always says just the right thing that lifts me up. She is extremely thoughtful and gives so much of herself to every relationship she develops. Her encouragement is contagious. Due to me feeling encouraged and fulfilled, I want to encourage others. It’s a great dominino effect. Would someone know what Amy’s gifting was just by looking at her? Probably not. But those who are loved by her and encouraged by her know without a shadow of doubt that Amy is very talented and gifted in encouragement and love.

Others have giftings and talents that are a bit more obvious and thus receive most of the accolades from strangers. But what if you are afraid to step out in that talent? You’re hesitant because of the what ifs. I was listening to Pastor Steven Furtick give a great message a couple of weeks ago during his “What Do I Believe” Series. It’s week six if you want to catch it. But one of the things that stuck with me is if something is of value, it is vulnerable. We are valuable to the Lord. He has entrusted us with talents and giftings to encourage, edify, and honor. And because we are valuable, we are vulnerable to being attacked. We often doubt ourselves, doubt our talents, doubt doubt doubt. The fact that we are hesitant and doubt should be a sign that whatever we are hesitant about is valuable.

So whether your talent is for organization or for writing a worship song, use it! Share it! We are all a body and need to fulfill what God has called us to. Think of what this world would be like if we stepped out. You never know what will happen when we stand in the confidence of Christ that God has entrusted us with this talent and gifting for a purpose. If you need any encouragement, please let me know. I would love to pray with and for you!

Happy Wednesday, y’all!!!

Here’s the link to the Elevation Series:

Here’s a link to Pentatonix:


4 thoughts on “Valuable is Vulnerable?

  1. What a wonderful post, Brayden. And you so obviously have the gift of encouragement. Value and vulnerability definitely seem to go together, at least that has been my experience. And thank you for the link to Steven Furtick’s series. He always makes sense, and I’ll give a listen. Bless you.

    • Thank you, Susan. I think when we have encouraging people around us it is easy to spread it around. I have been very blessed to have people that speak life over me thus it flows out like overflowing water in a cup. And Pastor Steven rocks it! Always feel like another layer had been shown and revealed with him.

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