Broken Beloved


The sorrowful voice on the other end of the line sniffed, “I thought he was different. I thought he loved me.” The clichés are the same, the heartbreak altering, and yet we do it again and again. When will we learn that the relationships we enter into, whether friendships or romances, have the potential to take us farther than we ever intended to go?

I was reading 1 Kings 11 today and really wish I would have read it in my younger days. King Solomon, in all his wisdom and splendor, did not honor the Lord’s command to not unite with unbelieving women. This disobedience led to Solomon losing it all. The women, from all these other countries, served several other gods. Solomon, wanting to prove his love to these women, began to make holy places to all their fake gods. He stepped away from his walk with the Lord and dishonored the Lord. Why is this such a big deal? Why is it so important to not becoming entangled with someone who does not believe the same as you?

Look at it this way: God is your first love. He has been wooing you before time began. He brings you flowers every day, orchestrates a symphony of birds and angels singing when you least expect it, raises the sun to bring you light to your days and the moon to rest your weary soul at night. He blesses you in secret ways that only your heart would understand. But another man has come along who does not understand this devotion you have to your first love. This other man discourages you from growing in your heavenly relationship and even starts pushing you further and further away. Instead of revealing in the Lord’s Spirit and eternal blessings, you anxiously await for fleeting kisses and momentary pleasures. And before you know it, your relationship with the man is ruined, because you’re not enough for him and he’s not enough for you. You’re left vacant and broken wondering where it all went wrong and now where to go. Your first love is waiting on the side. He’s been pining for you, praying over you, still wanting you to want Him. But He isn’t going to force himself on you. No, this God of ours is a gentleman. And He desires for you to be with a man that will love you the way He does: sacrificially, honoring you and your relationship with the Lord.

I implore you, sisters and brothers, “do not stir or awaken love before it’s time.” The Lord will bring you the person meant for you in due time. Until then, use this season to live in the complete and unending love of Jesus. And when another person comes along that stirs those emotions in your heart, ask yourself these questions:
Will he honor my devotion to the Lord? Will he encourage my relationship with God or detract from it? Does he pray over me? Am I able to share my journey with the Lord with this man? Does he understand what it means to love me the way Christ loves me?

And please, please, please keep this in mind: Just because you would be good for him doesn’t mean he is good for you! Of course, daughter, you would be good for him because you have Christ in you. But that doesn’t mean you should drop your standards and compromise your walk with the Lord. It’s not easy. No one said it would be. But I pray that you would allow the Spirit to lead you in your relationships and find strength in His arms.

If you ever need prayer, please let me know. I would be honored to pray over you and encourage you in your walk with the Lord.


5 thoughts on “Broken Beloved

  1. Beautifully put. I completely agree with you. I had to wait 24yrs for my first boyfriend. I had one requirement, that he love the Lord passionately. I had the privileged of marrying the first boy I ever kissed. I also had the privilege of being my husband’s first girlfriend, and he had to wait 31yrs for me. Waiting for each other was difficult and painful and there were many times when we both wanted to give up. But we can both say now, honestly and from the bottom of our hearts, that it was worth every second of the wait.

    • Leah, that is beautiful! To know that your husband was your first and last first kiss is so incredibly special! Thank you for sharing this with me. I pray others can be encouraged by your story!

  2. Brayden, I just pasted your link on another site, hoping to send a lovely young lady here to read your beautiful post. I want her to know how beautiful she is, what a gift she is, and to give herself time with her Heavenly Father, and you have said it so eloquently. Please pray she comes. Bless you.

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