Where my girls at?!


Paying no attention to the man standing next to her in the produce aisle, she grabs a few gala apples and turns to run smack dab into a chest of rock. Stumbling back, she looks up to see dark chocolate eyes staring down at her and a sly smile dance across his chiseled face. His large hand softly touches her shoulder, “You alright?” Humiliation colors her face as she slightly nods.
“Yeah. I’m just a little clumsy.”
“I understand. Fresh produce does the same thing to me.” He winks at her while putting his fruit in his basket. Looking back at her with eyes that could melt stone, “Well, enjoy your apple.” She shyly smiled back then looked down at her feet like some high school girl getting hit on by a college boy. And just like that, Greek God of Produce vanished down another aisle leaving the woman with a story to tell her girls later that night over chocolate and wine.

Oh the joy of having friends! Not the ones on Facebook that you have no real connection with. No, not the ones who follow you on Twitter. Not even the ones who like your Instagram pictures. You know, those friends that you share your dreams, fears, successes, failures, and essentially life with. I have been listening to a series from LifeChurch.tv on Friendship. Pastor Craig Groschel’s theme for the series is, “Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future.” I really encourage you to listen to the podcasts. They’re free on the church website or on iTunes.
Anyway, Pastor Craig says there are three types of friends that everyone needs: the friend who encourages you to be better, the friend who is there whenever, and the friend who tells you like it is.
I am very fortunate to have these types of friends in my life, but I have noticed that through time, we have dropped our connection. Yes, we like each others pictures and we comment on their FB pages, but that isn’t the type of friendships I want. No, I’m craving face to face time in a real location, not over Skype or my iPhone. And as I listen to these podcasts, the Lord opened my eyes that I miss having girl talk. I miss calling up one of my friends and meeting up for coffee and talking about the cute guy at the grocery store that flirted with me even though I am crazy in love with my husbands. (Hey, it’s nice to know a thirty-something woman still has it even after two babies.)
Thus, I’m reordering my life. I’m tired of being too busy to meet up with my girls. Instead of hitting the gym four times a week, I’m going to give up a night so I can hit the local coffee shop or sushi bar with my girls. Instead of just texting, I’m going to actually pick up the phone and call them. I need to open my life more to having relationships. I’m not an island and I need them and they might just need me, too.
So do you have those friends in your life that encourage you, stand by you, and set you straight? Are you that type of friend to someone? Or are you realizing that your life is lacking those necessary people? As Craig said, “You could be one person away from changing your destiny.”

I thank you for being our first friend. Thank you for inviting us into a relationship with you. Father, we realize that we were not meant to live this life alone. Help us to remember that we are here to build relationships with others that will honor You instead of building our own castles and status. Please bring those people into our lives that will encourage us, stand by us, and be honest with us and may we be reminded to be the same for others.
In your precious name,


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