Freshie Fresh


         Opening her fridge, the rank smell of old food assaulted her senses. Pinching her nose with her left hand, she bravely reached in to grab the bag of old bread. Staring at the expiration date in disbelief, “Last year! Seriously!”  She kept the stale bread at arm’s length away and dumped it in the near by trash can. Desperate for food, she dived back into the fridge, just to be disappointed. Cheese was growing arms and legs of mold. “Expired three months ago.”  The milk soured over two weeks ago. Frantic, she swung open every pantry and cupboard door looking for substance, just to see rotten food waiting to be tossed with the garbage. “I thought I just bought food last week,” she spoke to no one around. Famished, she slumps into a dining room chair in the beautifully decorated room fit for a king, with a piece of a cookie and begins to pick off the mold before slowly eating it. 

       This is often the picture of our spiritual lives. Instead of seeking after new revelations and new dreams, we live off of yesterday’s hope, last year’s successes, and joys from years ago. We only spend time in the Lord’s word or in His presence when we are desperate or when it’s convineint But the Lord wants a day-to-day relationship with us, in which we are plugging into His peace, joy, love, and power. He wants to do a new thing in your life. Perhaps He wants to give you a new dream. A new hope. Isaiah 43:19 is so perfect:

“See, I am doing a new thing!
    Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
    and streams in the wasteland.”

Are you in a wasteland? Are you in a desert and need a fresh rain? Are you empty and seeking fulfillment? Seek it in Christ. Spend time studying His word. And if you don’t understand it, find a spiritually grounded person who can help you. God is wanting to do something fresh in our lives. Stop living off of last year’s bread. If you need prayer or encouragement, let me know. It would be a privilege to pray over you and your dreams.

Happy Monday y’all!


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