Autumn in Williamsburg

Autumn in Williamsburg

“Designers want me to dress like Spring, in billowing things. I don’t feel like Spring. I feel like a warm red Autumn.”
Marilyn Monroe

Autumn in Virginia is breath-taking! Growing up in the Deep South, I had only seen pictures of trees ablaze in color. I did not realize the true beauty of fall until I moved up here. Now I sit at my favorite coffee shop, listening to Miles Davis serenade me as I drink my pumpkin flavored latte. Life is good!


4 thoughts on “Autumn in Williamsburg

  1. Your photo is wonderful with so warm fall colors. Virginia must be very beautiful. I was seeking East Virginia, but I could not found it and that is why I found Your blog. You might ask in Your mind why I searched it was that Last Friday our old grand singer Danny had concert in my home town called Mikkeli in Finland. His carrier started already in the 60ties and his first song was East Virginia. Now I wonder why I could not find East Virginia.

    Danny is 71 old singer having 8000 concerts during 50 years. East Virginia is yet today one of my favorite song. If You do not mind, I give here the link to Danny’s first song East Virginia, so You have an idea about which I am talking

    Best regards to Virginia from Finland. Matti.

    • Matti,
      I will definitely check out his song. Virginia is very beautiful and fall is my favorite time because of the colors. I have never been out of the country. Does Finland experience fall in such vivid colors?

      • Thank You for Your quick reply. Yes, we have great fall colors, but not always. To me it is just sad, because we moved to our new home last November and I waited with eager to shoot fall color photos here. The reason is that leaves are falling too “early”, before they turn into yellow and red.

        My newest post presents our cathedral in Mikkeli and I am sure that You love it.

        Happy Sunday!

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