Oh, yes He did!

couplecafe         He sat at a small table in the cafe, engrossed in by the invitation in her eyes and the tempting curve of her lips. Thoughts, that if his wife found out would lead to havoc, ran rampt through his mind. He shouldn’t be here. The angel on his right silently screams warnings while the devil on his left whispers cheers advances. The path to sin never started with a plan. It started with doubt. Doubting the strength of his marriage, the love of his wife. Doubting the warnings of the Lord. And a simple seed of doubt, watered one drop at a time, grew into a full-grown weed weaving its roots through the depths of his heart and mind.

        Sin originated with doubt. Adam and Eve lived in a pure relationship with God, until doubt was cast upon His word. The serpent asked, “Did God really say?” Did God really tell you not to do this? Did God really say to not covet another man’s wife? What if your wife doesn’t pay you attention any more? Did God really say to not have other Gods before Him? But idolizing your job provides for your material wishes and wants. So how bad could that be? Did God really say to give Him 10% of your first fruits? Did God really say that homosexuality was wrong? Did God really say that no unwholesome words should come out of your mouth? Did God really say that you are saved and called to be holy as He is holy? Did God really say that? Really? And when we begin to doubt God’s word, His presence, His authority, we allow those seeds of doubt to penetrate our lives and before we know it we are so overwhelmed with dread, doubt, fear, anxiousness, and panic that we can’t see the light through our own darkness. We step away from God’s word and thus His truth because we are doubting if it’s even true. We seek our own devices and our own solutions that don’t fix the deep wound that our doubt has left in our lives.

         It all started with the doubt. But when we stop and recognize that God really did say that we are saved and called to be holy as He is holy, and when we realize that we must stop changing the Bible to make us feel better about our sins, and when we simply give our lives back to the Lord, then we step out from the forest of lies and weeds and into the field of peace.

         So how does one stop doubting when he or she is so immersed in it? Well, how do you kill a weed? You stop watering it. You stop dwelling on the negative thoughts. You stop dwelling on the fear. The moment doubt or fear enters your heart, your mind, you dive into God’s word. You enter into prayer, calling upon the name of our Healer, our Defender, our Redeemer. The One who goes before us and behind us is the One who will rescue us from our anxious lives and settle us into His loving peace. But if you are not in God’s word, how will you know what He did or didn’t say? I plead with you, study God’s word. Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and wisdom, understanding, and knowledge as you read.

         It’s time to get out of the curses of doubt and living in the promises of God. Did God really say that He has a plan for you? A plan to prosper you and not to harm you? Did God really say that if you call upon He will answer? Oh, yes He did!  Jeremiah 29:11-12. Read it! Let God’s word soak in your heart.

Happy Friday, y’all!!


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