Hey! God’s on the phone!


        In First Samuel Chapter Three, we get the account of when God calls Samuel. And there were some things that really stuck out to me while reading this morning that I pray relates to you in some way or fashion.
      In the beginning of the chapter, the priests in the temple were asleep and Sam laid near to the Arc of God. While there he heard God calling his name, but Samuel didn’t know God yet so he ran to Eli, his mentor. Twice Eli dismissed him. And I pondered why it took a third time for God to call Samuel before these kids got a clue until you go back a few verses. Earlier in the chapter,  the Bible says it had been awhile before people had seen visions of God. So did they know what to expect? Probably not.
      On the third time of God calling and getting Samuel’s attention and under the advice of Eli, Samuel responded to God. And here is where God’s Spirit revealed a few things to me.
1. God called Samuel, who ended up being a great priest and the one who anointed Saul and David as kings, before Samuel knew Him. So many times I think we get wrapped up into this mentality that we can’t do anything for God until we clean ourselves up and then come to God. Yet, this is an example.of God calling despite our lack ofimagination knowing Him.
2. Samuel sought out the wrong person when God called. When we do not have knowledge of God and a relationship with Him we mistake His calling for other things or other people. Perhaps we were sleeping like Samuel was and we just turn over and continue to sleep and ignore God’s calling. Now is the time to wake up, because God is calling.
3. Samuel answered God with the help of godly counsel. When Eli realized God was calling Samuel, Sam answered God and received a prophecy against the house of Eli. (Long story short: Eli’s sons were priests who disrespected the House of the Lord and Eli didn’t correct them. Lesson to be learned: undisciplined children will bring down the house.) After Samuel told Eli and God did as He said He would, the people knew Samuel was a confirmed prophet of God. But if Eli had give a Samuel bad counsel, would Samuel have answered God’s calling?  Is God calling you to something and you haven’t answered because you are not getting godly and sound advice?

God has great things planned for His people, even before we come to know Him. The road isn’t easy, and contrary to secular belief, Christians are no where near perfect. That’s why we need Jesus. And He is calling us into a saving relationship with Him that will be the most amazing journey a person could take.


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